Halen was my university capstone project, and SkyPyre Studio’s first game. It was also my first foray into Unity, an entirely new engine that I was barely familiar with.
The game has you play as Halen, a thief sent on a dangerous mission to an ancient temple within a planet on the outer edge of the galaxy. There, she must recover an artifact that she discovers (perhaps a bit too late) is actually an ancient AI held within a sword. The two must work together to escape the temple, and its marooned robot inhabitants, that aren’t too keen on you stealing their power source.
The game is a narrative driven , third person, action platformer, where the player must use their abilities in combat and exploration. It features motion capture animation, fully voiced characters, full 3D environments and 3 levels.
My role in the project was as the project team lead, as well as the level designer, marketing lead, and voice director. I also worked as an artist, dialogue writer and created our behind the scenes content.