Artemis is a deathmatch arena map designed for Unreal Tournament 4. It makes use of advanced mobility, key pickup decision making and narrow long range corridors.

The map is an original design, designed for up to 10 players across all FFA modes and Domination. It features a unique industrial visual design, dynamic map elements, interactive fixtures, smooth polished player collision, stylish lighting, and thoughtful and clear design.

Created in approximately one month, using Unreal Engine 4 and UT’s built in UE tools, as well as select custom graphics and meshes made in other tools.

“While the Human-Skaarj War may have come to an end, the Artemis planetary defense platforms remain vigilant. Protecting the remote human colony, they are massive feats of NEG engineering, a weapon array to be feared.”

Available to download here:
Technical breakdown of this map: