2021 Brand

One obvious branding project has been my own! I’ve redesigned my brand over the years, and artifacts of that are visible in the branding of my youtube videos. But for 2021 I wanted to refine it and land on something strong, and simple.
I’m using orange, black and white since not only do those colors appeal to me, but the hard contrast and pop speaks to my desires as a designer. I like to challenge muted colors, and make flashy also look refined. Somewhere here is a reference to the fact I’m a huge Half-Life fan, who’s color scheme is orange, but I’m sure it's not related.
I wanted to also push the polygonal look - since my work as a level design and graphic designer has me working in technical tools, but the slight rounding to corners, and in place in the font, brings the artistic side back into focus. It represents my desire to be creative but with purpose, functional aesthetic.