Chloe Green

Chloe Green, daughter of the notorious militia leader Thomas Green, is as stubborn as she is deadly, making her a thorn in the Dominion’s side from the day she born. An independant person, she tends to operate in the flow of the moment, rather than through careful thought. This not only gets her in trouble from time to time, but also makes her butt heads with her twin brother Gavin, who much dislikes her lack of planning. Along with skills in infiltration and CQC, she has always had a mind to tinker, making her a fairly competent engineer. As a result, she has developed her own hidden weapon, “the Handshake” as she calls it. Her tenatious nature, matched with her skills, makes her a serious pain in the ass for the Dominion, and if she has her way, she’ll stay that way until she dies, or wins.